Cloth diapers of today have come a long way from what you remember or may have heard from your parents and grandparents. The original diaper has been renewed now providing many options. With new prints, styles and sizes available you will find a diapering system that fits your family's needs.

Cloth diapering is an investment. Depending on what type of diapering system you choose, where you buy, and if you will be diapering subsequent children, determines how much you will save by investing in cloth. Being better for the environment and avoiding health risks are added bonuses to the financial benefits.
The first disposable diaper was not mass marketed  until the end of the 1940's, less than 70 years ago.  Only recently are fully compostable, biodegradable disposable diapers being introduced.  With only an estimated 5% of families using cloth, this means we have a lot of families to help  get started on their cloth diapering journey.